About us

eWadifa.com is a transparent job portal website that’s changing the way people find jobs and employers find qualified staff.

We offer effective recruiting and human resources solutions for employers. With us, employers can find the most qualified staff for their business.

We hold a growing database of tens of thousands registered job seekers and hundreds of registered employers. Unlike other job channels, we are forwarding all applications to the Employer directly.

Our vision is to index all Iraq’s open jobs and develop technologies, products, and services to efficiently connect job seekers and employers at scale.

For better connection between your agency and job seekers, we are offering to use our system through using one of these options and 100% FREE:

1- You can have a full control access to a Free account on our website, it is a full HR solution; you can advertise vacancies and receiving applicants’ Resumes inside your account.

2- You can send us your vacancy announcements, we have a team of webmasters, and they do the job instead of you. Our system will redirect all applicants’ resumes to your emails. Send your vacancies to job@ewadifa.com  

3- Otherwise, give us a green light to announce your vacancies, and of course our system will redirect all applicants’ resumes to your emails.


What differentiates eWadifa.com from other recruiting channels is the quality of work, technology system and free consultations.

For job seekers, we help you understand where there’s opportunity, and what you need to do to successfully pursue it.

For employers, we help you understand where there’s talent, and where there’s competition.

And no matter who you are, we are here to help you succeed.


eWadifa.com, is an electronic system project of Website Technology company.

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