20 reasons make us the #1 job portal in Iraq

Let’s see what make us the #1 in this field?

1- We are a transparent job portal system advertising jobs allover Iraq, we send your CV directly to the HR Managers with no filtering, which means, your CV is reaching the employer 100% in minutes.

2- The quality of advertising, full information, job location, employer name, deadline and clear job descriptions, we are not advertising without full information.

3- We are the simplest job portal platform, we don’t have much, [ jobs, search engine, categories, and apply], nothing else. We are user friendly platform designed by experts.

4- We don’t post any job advertisements, we MUST be sure of the availability 100%.

5- Fake jobs are not accepted on our job portal, all jobs are real and from known sources.

6- We are very fast in posting jobs, and in browsing. We made the system very simple, you can apply in 2 clicks only.

7- We are not showing email addresses and phone numbers, why? it is safer for employers’ accounts and there’s no chance for mistakes, which means, your CV is reaching the employer 100%.

8- We have a SMART search engine on the top of the website, you can search for any job title, any keywords, any location and any employer.

9- Job advertisements are mostly in English, it is difficult to translate them, but we have the job advertisements in 4 languages, English, Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish.

10-  Job advertisements are available till the deadlines, they will disappear after the deadline, and not accepting application anymore, which means, jobs dead not allowed on our job portal.

11- You can find available jobs anytime, no hiding jobs like Facebook pages.

12- We have a corner for jobseekers, you can create accounts and save CVs inside. No more wasting times searching for your CVs inside your computer, it is there on our system, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

13- Employers can search for CVs inside their paid accounts, which means, they can reach your CV even if you are not applying.

14- If you do not have a CV and you cannot make one! we can make one for you automatically, you can save it and keep it for yourself.

15- You do not need a cover letter if you are registered, the job portal generates the cover letter per the vacancy for you.


16- You can set alarms inside your account, it sends you messages when we advertise in your preferred field of work.

17- You can favorite jobs.

18- We categories the jobs, you can sort the jobs by the fields of work.

19- We drop the job location on the map, it is clearer to know where the locations are.

20- Our job portal is full of motivational articles also.

What differentiates eWadifa.com from other recruiting channels is the quality of job candidates we deliver and our influence on candidates’ decisions as they research jobs and companies.

For job seekers, we help you understand where there’s opportunity, and what you need to do to successfully pursue it.
For employers, we help you understand where there’s talent, and where there’s competition.
And no matter who you are, we are here to help you succeed.