Samples of Cover Letters


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Dear (name of the company you are applying for):

I am interested in the (name of the position) at (name of the company you are applying for), as advertised in (the website advertised the job)I am currently employed as (your current job) for (name of your current company), which is specialized in (your company description). I believe that the skills and experiences I have gained at this position make me an ideal candidate for the job of (name of the position).

As (your current job), I have developed strong skills in (job requirement). For example, one of my main duties is to (description of why you have developed skills), which deals with issues related to (description why this skills related and connected to the job you are applying for).

I have also gained extensive experience in (experience 1) – fields that you state the (position name) must be familiar with. My experience in the (experience 2) has afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with the ( job requirement linked with experience 2). In particular, through my work with (your current company), I have become heavily involved in (job requirement). I am always eager to learn more about (job requirement), reading up on these topics on my own time to become more knowledgeable. I would love to bring this passion to your company.

I am confident that my experience in (job requirement) qualify me for consideration. If you would like, I can provide you with current samples of my work. I have also enclosed my resume. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications in more detail.


FirstName LastName




Dear Sir,

Good Day,,,

This is (your name), I’ve been working in (your current field of working) field since (number of years) focusing on (job requirement).

I have been working in (your current field of working) field more than (number) years, for about (number) years from (year)to (year) with (company name you worked with). I am also have experience in (job requirement) for more than (number) year, working for (company name you worked with).

I have a proven track record in (job requirement), (job requirement) and (job requirement).

Recently, I am working for (your current company name) as a (your current title of work).

I am willing to work as (job title you are applying to) you announced recently, hope to be one of the candidates.



Your name