May be you’re asking, why should I use eWadifa.com?

Let’s see the advantages:

1- It is the best place which can cover the most jobs available allover Iraq.

2- It is always updated, and… since 2012.

3- It is the easiest platform ever, simple and fast, you can apply to tens of jobs in minutes.

4- You do not need to register to read or apply for vacancies, it is free always.

5- You can apply with just one click, upload your CV, the employer will have your application in minutes.

6- We are one of the platforms included by the KRG website of works.

7- All the vacancies are true and 100% available, we don’t post vacancies from unknown sources.

8- When you have an account on eWadifa.com, you do not need to attach your CV each time you need to apply, it is there stored in your account.

9- You do not need to search your computer, where you stored the latest updated CV, it is always inside your account with eWadifa.com

10- You don’t need to write an email to the Employer, attach your CV, search for Employers email addresses and write a cover letter as you were applying, here all thing in our system, you don’t need any email addresses or contact numbers.

11- There is a mistake in the Employer’s email address, what do you do? you face difficulties when you need to apply. In our system with eWadifa.com all contacts are stored, you don’t need to write anything, and they are 100% correct.

12- You are not sure if your CV received by the Employer when you send your applications through emails. Here we give you 100% grantee that your CV is received by the Employer.